Our story started in the 15th century in Lesvos, in the heart of the Mediterranean, and the motherland of olive. A lovestory in its purest and most genuine form between man and the olive tree.

The olive tree is…

Timeless, renewing itself and continuously adapting to its environment,
Contemporary, always relevant and fresh to the present day,
Wise, carrying lifetimes of heritage and wisdom, yet remaining humble as always,
Resilient, standing tall and strong for centuries,
Generous, faithfully offering its fruits to the people just like our brand and our family heritage.It is our ultimate direction, source of inspiration, and deepest passion.

It defines who we are. Officially registered as the very first ever brand in Türkiye, Komili Family has been recognized as the pioneers in the world of olive and olive oil since 1878. For over 5 generations, we have been committed to providing natural, delightful, and high-quality products; always remaining loyal to our rich heritage, yet looking at the future with excitement.

From our premium extra virgin olive oil to healthy snacks, fresh olives, and much more, we aspire to delight in everything we do – inspired by the olive tree.

The love story goes on and we are thrilled to bring its divine fruits to the people all around the world…"